PZ Harmonic Trading indicator New Version 2015 (FREE Download)

Traders now we are going to see here another one new version of PZ Harmonic Trading indicator New Version 2015. Hope all expert traders known very well about this indicators help in long time trading like H4 and Daily time frame . But this new version now suitable for trade using  15 m and 30 m time frames too. We will see that in below images well.And you can download this indicator using following download link .

The PZ Harmonic Trading indicator New Version 2015  is mostly good for predict the trading trend movement  in h4 first and daily time frame too. We are using this indicator from the past 3 months its out put is more good. Also it will alert us the market news time where it will going to reach the take profit using its fibo trend lines. That fibo trend lines is best alert from this indicator provider author. We need to say thanks for this author to make this wonderful indicator first here .

H1 PZ Harmonic indicator

The above image explain for us how to use this indicator at hour 4 time frame. Here the x,a,b,c,d this the entry and exit method we are using as usual in the harmonic pattern. So here we are using the entry point is C .When candle reach the C then we got Sell entry point alert. So we place the order here and when we got D alert in harmonic we can exit at that time our trade. That D is the Take profit for us. We got more 400 pips using this simple indicator logic

Scalping Alert using this Indicator Method :

Scalping PZ Harmonic Indicator

This image explain for us how to place scalping trade using this same indicator. Here the blue color rectangle box that is the exact scalping enter position that’s provide for us using this indicator fibo trend lines 61.8 fibo alert concept used here. So this trend line given for us 30 pips in hour 4 candle successfully .

You can Download that Indicator Using this Link : PZ Harmonic Trading indicator New Version 2015

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  1. Hola el enlace esta roto, pueden enviarme el indicador PZ HARMONIC 2015 a mi correo por favor: estherfernandezfx@gmail.com , me seria de mucha utilidad para mi estrategia de trading. Gracias.